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Young Adult Ministry

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Welcome to our webpage!  Be sure to visit the calendar link to find out about upcoming events.  Below are FAQ's about our Young Adult Ministry.  Feel free to contact us via this form or call at 956.585.2325.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's Young Adult Ministry all about?
Connecting Young Adults to Jesus, the Catholic Church & One Another for Anyone 18-40, Single or Married

What do you do?
Our Young Adult Ministry meets to faith share, Bible study, listen to a speaker on a particular topic, or fellowship at a local restaurant/coffee shop.  

Do I have to make all the meetings? 
No. The meetings are not required to be a part of our Young Adult Ministry.  We will be planning special events that will occur on other days aside from Thursdays.

What if I'm running late?
Feel free to join us anyway.  We understand as young professionals our schedules change.  If you haven't eaten dinner, pick something up and swing by.  You're more than welcome to eat your dinner while we meet (we'll probably be eating as well).

How do I get started?
You just show up and tell us you're interested in joining!

Is there a fee or membership due?
No.  We usually volunteer to bring different food and snacks to the next meeting.  If we go out to eat, we'll go "Dutch" (everyone pays there own).

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